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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my new website and blog.

I am Col. Ralph Puckett (Ret.), author of Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook (Wheatmark, 2007).

Feel free to look around on the site and contact me with any feedback or questions. I look forward to posting new entries related to the topics of education and leadership.

As I add new posts to this blog in the future, I would appreciate it if you came back to visit and left some comments.

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  • Paul E Carlson says:

    COL Pucket.

    I had the honor of meeting and passing a Shield of Strength to you at the Ranger Graduation held at Ft. Benning on 25 JAN 13. I was the rather large civilian introduced to you by COL Haight. I am looking forward to reading the book you promised.

    Best regards to you and again, it was a distinct honor to meet you.

  • GySgt William Sanderson says:


    I am an active duty Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines. My father is Robert Corsette. He passed away in 2006. He spoke of you often when he and I would talk about his time in Korea. I wished he and I could have shared more of his stories, but I dont think there was to much he wanted to remember of those days. My proudest moment as a Marine came upon my return from combat operations in iraq in 2003. When I joined the vfw my dad performed the swearing in ceremony. sir i guess what i would like to know is, are there any stories or things about that time of my dads life you could relay to me. I miss him a lot. Thanks for your time sir

  • Leon A. Lann says:

    Are you the Captain Puckett who served USMAPS, Ft Belvoir, Va,? If so, iu served under you in 1957-59. I hope you are in good health and wish to thank you for your service. Leon A Lann, pfc us 53286617. Now livingin Clarkesville Ga. 30523. I salute you !!!!

  • dave.foreman says:

    Col. puckett,
    Commo check. Are you still operational? I sincerely hope you are doing well.

  • CSM(R) Matt Walker says:

    Sir, recently finished your book and found it to be a continuation of the mentoring you have provided me over the years. I remember listening to your insights and comments after many traning events over the years, sometimes at two in the morning. thank you for writing down and leaving for the next generation at least a little bit of what i have been the beneficiary of over the years. all the best…
    rangers lead the way

  • Incredibly beneficial….look forth to visiting again.

  • Daphne Irwin says:

    Dear Colonel puckett,
    My name is daphne irwin. my late husband, louis g. irwin, he was a native american ranger under you command at the battle for hill 205. he was able to co-write his autobiography before he passed from cancer in 1995. he often talked of his deep respect for you ….and it seemed to me, that you represented a father figure in his life.
    I’ve been looking for a way to contact you for years and recently found this site. I wanted to give you information about his book in which one chapter is dedicated to the battle and also mentions your name. The publishing information is as follows:
    two ravens: the life and teachings of a spiritual warrior by louis irwin and robert liebert. it can be found at amazon.com….but, please know, i would be more than happy to mail you a copy if i had that information
    thank you for being such an important and meaningful part of his life.

    With warm regard, Daphne m. irwin


    Sir, it is my understanding you were A leader of my grandfather staNley paplaczyk in the korean war. In anticipation of your reply, if so i would appreciate More iNformation and if not if you have any recommendations to seek out additional information they would be greatly appreciated.

    RANGERS lead the way!

    Ryan paplacYk

  • russ howell, ltc (ret) says:

    hello colonel puckett
    I just saw you on a documentary on the rangers and thought I would touch base. I taught Martha in sunday school and you and your wife were very good to me and my wife of 45 years (then girlfriend) when I was a cadet. i am glad to see you are still doing well.

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