Leadership Seminar with Congressman

I was honored to make a presentation to Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, U.S. Representative, Georgia Third District, and 16 members of his Georgia and Washington, D.C. staff. The subject was Leadership with a focus on Team Building. The presentation and discussion were based on my personal experience in forming, training, and commanding the Eighth Army Ranger Company at the beginning of the Korean War. Congressman Westmoreland had ordered 20 copies of my book, “Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook,” which I addressed and signed before the meeting. In introducing me the Congressman praised the book, which he had read previously.

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  • Dave foreman says:

    Col. puckett,
    greetings, sir!

    You were the battalion co in ’68 when i served under you as the msc officer (I left nam in jun68). you pinned my captain bars on me during my time with you; the picture hangs proudly on my den wall with other mementos of my brief tour with the 101st (27 months…6 months with the 1/506).

    i have a copy of your book and enjoyed reading it. not often i can say i knew the author personally!

    you did the army and the nation proud, sir. i always felt that i personally didn’t contribute enough to the effort but continue to work to support the military effort in our current struggles at wright-patterson afb.

    Proud to have crossed your path. sincerely, curahee and airborne!

    dave foreman (beavercreek, ohio)

    • Ralph says:


      What a wonderful surprise t have an blog from you! Thank you for blogging. I’m new at this game; I hope I may respond to you.

      How are you? I hope that you are well. What have you done since VN? Married? Children? Jeannie and I have been married almost 60 years! Congratulate me and commiserate with her.

      Being in Columbus, GA only 14 miles from Ft. Benning it’s easy to stay involved there. And I am. Really enjoy it and stay very busy.

      Thanks for the compliment about my book. It is doing well although I do little to promote it. Hope to do more. Working on another book. Several chapters about VN. Do you have any rosters of the battalion. Bn staff? Co comdrs? 1SGs? CSM?

      Columbus State University is located here. The University has inaugurated a required program about VN for all freshmen. The keynote speaker was the CG at Ft.Benning. The Chair has scheduled several retirees to speak. I’m scheduled for Nov 6.

      Hope to hear from you again.


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