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Leadership Seminar with Armor and Cavalry Officers

Two companies (approximately 150 new Armor and Cavalry second lieutenants) participated in a leadership seminar on October 9. We discussed the vision for the platoon the leader would like to have, the training objectives to reach that vision, and techniques for developing junior leaders (noncommissioned officers) in the platoon. There were four suggestions that would help achieve the vision. They were 1. Emphasize training with special attention given to mastering fundamentals (the individual and small unit tasks that must be mastered to be combat ready), 2. “Be There” with your unit particularly when the situation is the toughest (bad weather. enemy contact, demanding training),3.  Set the example (everything else falls into place), and 4. Never be satisfied; you can always do better. We discussed the importance of completing Ranger School, the best life insurance for the battlefield that a person can have. (It’s the best for the leader who completes the course and the best for the Soldiers he leads.)

Leadership Seminar with Congressman

I was honored to make a presentation to Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, U.S. Representative, Georgia Third District, and 16 members of his Georgia and Washington, D.C. staff. The subject was Leadership with a focus on Team Building. The presentation and discussion were based on my personal experience in forming, training, and commanding the Eighth Army Ranger Company at the beginning of the Korean War. Congressman Westmoreland had ordered 20 copies of my book, “Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook,” which I addressed and signed before the meeting. In introducing me the Congressman praised the book, which he had read previously.

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